Documents Tracking and Management

In SSA, Documentation is defined in different ways Some Forms include a Standard Documents to upload while other forms’ documents can be defined as Mandatory or not, based on Client’s requirements. Starting from E-Service Request, there are different documents that can be uploaded to support the data, and these are based on the form type, example, Employees will find:

  • Birth certificate (Mandatory)
  • Marriage Certificate (Mandatory in Case Martial Status is selected as “Married”).
  • Passport/ID
  • Work Permit

While Employers will find:

Company and Medical License

Every form that requires a document is always supported with a field to upload that document. For instance, Employee Profiles will have different supporting documents that should be uploaded like while adding a dependent, School certificate and Birth Certificate. Other Documents can also be defined in Application form Setup which allows the Client to define the Supporting documents that needs to be attached with this Application form and which of them is required and which is not.


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