Training Management

The Interact Training Management solution allows you to define any number of Training Courses for both internal and external training. Each course can be defined with many attributes, including the Course Schedule, Cost, Co-requisites and Prerequisites and can be associated with specific Employee Groups, Jobs, Competencies, Knowledge and Skills. Extensive reporting is available to track the cost and history of Training by Employee, Employee Group and Organization Unit. Employees can sign up for Training or request Training through Self-Service and can register for both Catalogued as well as Uncatalogued Training, in which case they can provide the required details on the Training so the Training department can evaluate whether the Training Request should be approved.
Managers and Supervisors can create Training Plans for their Employees and Training Requests can be validated against these Training Plans. After an Employee has attended Training, a Training assessment can be conducted and Training Attendance can be recorded.Training Management is integrated with many different modules in Interact: there is seamless integration with Job Classification, Onboarding Management, Probation Management, Payroll and Compensation Management, in addition to the Talent management modules of Succession Planning, Career Planning, Performance Management and Competency Management.

Training cost can be tracked including Training Fees, Accommodation, Travel, Food and Per Diem costs associated with the course. Training Schedules can be published for Employees to view and select the most convenient time to attend a specific Training

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