Competency Management

Competency Management is the basis of advanced Performance Management and is integrated with all other Talent Management Modules. The Competency Framework can be defined based on user needs, with multiple Proficiency Levels, Competency Tiers, and Competencies defined. For each competency, the Behavioral Factors can be defined for different Proficiency Levels, as well as the method in which these Competencies can be developed. In addition, each Competency can be linked to its own set of distinguishing characteristics, including the Urgency, Importance and Usefulness of the Competency. The application then allows the User to conduct a Job Analysis to define the Competencies required to perform a Job and the Level at which they will be required. It will also allow you to do a Competency Evaluation of your Employees whereby you can score the Employee on each Competency and define which Proficiency Level the Employee has reached in each particular Competency.
Once Competency Evaluations have been conducted for your Employees, the application allows you to then perform Best Fit Analysis where the system will retrieve from the database those Employees who are considered to be the best fit for the Job in which they are hired or for another Job. In addition, with Gap Analysis the application will tell you which are the Most Important, Most Valuable, Most Urgent and overall widest Gaps which need to be addressed for any Employee. Finally, using the Match Job Analysis, the system can Match Employees up with specific Competencies required for specific Jobs. Through the Competency Development tool and its integration with Career Management, you can create specific Career Development plans to address a specific Gap that has been identified for a specific Competency and use the Career Plan to develop this Competency. Competency Management is integrated with Job Classification, Training Management, Recruitment Management, Performance Management, Succession Planning and Career Planning.

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