ID Card Management

Interact SSAS ID Card Management allows the Social Security Administration to issue any number and type of cards with identifying demographic or other information so that individuals and/or employers can receive their ID card as per the standards and regulations of the Social Security Administration.

ID Card Request

Figure 1: ID Card Request

  • Different ID Card Types

The user can create any type of Cards for various purposes, including Health Insurance, Provident Fund, Social Security, National ID or for any other purpose.

Badge Formats

Figure 2: Badge Formats

  • Different Formats.

Different ID Cards can be issued for different types of individuals, such as Employees, Self-Employed, Voluntary Contributor, Beneficiary, or for different types of Employers.

  • Format Configuration.

ID Card formats are fully configurable with the layout and content of the cards fully modifiable to mimic the requited card format.

ID Card General Setup

Figure 3: ID Card General Setup

In the General Setup, the user can define the fonts that can be used, the font sizes and the officer’s signature that should appear on all cards (if applicable).

Badge Format Definition

Figure 4: Badge Format Definition – Part 1

The Badge Format Definition is highly configurable and allows the user to define Badge Orientation (Landscape or Portrait), Picture Details, Logos for Front and Back, Background Images or Background Colors, and define which Demographic Information is meant to be included in all Formats.

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