Employee Self-Service

Employee Self-Service allows Employees to process Requests for Leave, Training, Loan, Travel, Reference Letters, and much more. Employees can also Inquire about their Salary, Vacation/Leave balance, Benefits. They can enroll in Benefit Plans, fill in Electronic Forms like W4, W5 and I9, fill in any other Onboarding Forms, print Pay Slips, and update their own Employee Profile. Employees can also play roles in many other HR Activities, they can take part in their own Performance Appraisal by doing a Self Evaluation or take part in another Employee’s Performance Appraisal as part of a 360 Performance Evaluation, they can do Assessments and Interviews of Applicants, and review Timesheets, Training Requests, Letter Requests and any other Requests which are issued by direct reports. Employees can also update their own Address information, Education, Skills, Licenses and Certifications and much more.

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