Interact SSAS comes with countless reports and KPIs to enable the Social Security Administration to more effectively manage its operations and financial responsibilities.  These reports include powerful audit reports to see which changes were made when and by who, comparison reports to find possible errors and spot non-standard changes in contributions or payments, and many reports to give a clear insight into the data that is being maintained by the SSA.

The following are some of the reports that will be produced by the system (each come with many parameters and filters and granular access control to manage confidentiality and all reports can be exported to Word, Excel and PDF):

Claims and Benefit Reports

  1. Benefit Claims Report
  2. Summary Of Claims Logged-Office
  3. Sickness Benefit Approaching 156 days Report
  4. Social Security Benefit Payment Report
  5. Social Security Benefit Payments by Claim Type
  6. Social Security Benefit Payments Claim Summary
  7. Summary of Pensions Report
  8. Summary Of Claims Processed-Office
  9. Claims Allowed Below Minimum Payment
  10. Early Retirement Claims Report
  11. Survivors No Longer Be Eligible for Pension
  12. Survivors Attaining Ineligibility Age
  13. Reciprocal Pensions
  14. Earnings Statement Insured Person
  15. Social Security Benefit Payments Register
  16. Social Security Benefit Payments Check Register
  17. Social Security Benefit Payments Payee Register
  18. Lodgment Check Listing
  19. Lodgment Deposit Listing
  20. Beneficiaries Status Report
  21. Survivor Children whose Benefit Cycle has been Completed
  22. Survivor Pension with One year Payment
  23. Survivor benefits Approaching 156 Days
  24. Sickness Benefit Claimants Age 60 and Above
  25. Invalidity Pensioners Attaining Pensionable Age
  26. Age Claim Received but not Processed as Retirement Age
  27. Survivor Claims when eldest Child Payment has been Completed
  28. List of Pensioners on Roll as at Date
  29. Invalidity Pensioners Medical Review Dates

Registration Reports

  1. Listing of all Deceased Insured Persons
  2. Listing of all Deceased Insured Persons – by Name
  3. Listing of all Deceased Insured Persons – By SSN
  4. Registration of Employers – Statistical Data
  5. Registration of Insured Person – Statistical Data

Contribution Reports

  1. Unbalanced Schedules
  2. Suspense person by Employer
  3. Productivity Listing of Contribution Detail
  4. Productivity Listing of Contribution Summary
  5. Employers Reconciliation Statement – Summary
  6. Employers Reconciliation Statement – Detail
  7. List of Employees who Paid Contributions as both SE and IP
  8. Persons attaining XXX Years XX Months between FROM TO
  9. Insured Persons in Receipt of Age/ validity Benefit
  10. Contribution Schedule Status
  11. List of Unspotted Schedules
  12. Insured Population Earnings by Gender Over the Last 10 Years
  13. Report of Contribution Paid by Employers over Last 12 Months
  14. Active Insured Populations by Migration
  15. Active Insured Populations By Marital Status-Migration-Education
  16. Total Gross Wages and Salaries for each Establishment
  17. Total Gross Wages and Salaries by Occupation Codes
  18. Earnings Statement Insured Person
  19. Number of Employers by Occupational Codes
  20. List of Employers by Location Code
  21. Social Security Contribution Filing register
  22. Social Security Contribution Payments register
  23. Collections Variance Report
  24. Average Weekly Earnings of Total Active Insured

Statistical Reports

  1. Injury Benefits Statistical Report
  2. Density Factors of Active Insured by Age and Sex
  3. Registration Statistical Report
  4. Active Insured by Sector

Legal, Arrears and Compliance Reports

  1. Delinquent Employers Status Aging Report As At Date.
  2. Employers Determined to be Inactive or Dormant Report
  3. Employers with Debts Report
  4. Payments by Delinquent Employers
  5. Employers Missing Payments
  6. Employers Missing Payments Report (Employers Who Paid At Least One Month)
  7. Employer’s Contribution History Statement
  8. Dormant Employers by Quarter
  9. Performance of All Delinquent Employers in an inspectors Collection Area
  10. Employees by Employer by Month
  11. Employers Arrears Listing Report
  12. Employer Arrears List Summary Report
  13. Legal Action Notices by Employer Reports
  14. Employers Contributions Arrears /Payable
  15. Lawsuits by Employer
  16. Audit Schedule Report
  17. Audit Findings by Employer
  18. Audit Actions by Employer
  19. Consolidated Insured Person Earnings Statement

+ many more…

Figure 1: Claims and Benefit Reports – Benefit Claims Report

Figure 2: Claims and Benefit Reports – Social Security Benefit Payment Report

Figure 3: Registration Reports – Listing of all Deceased Insured Persons

Figure 4: Registration Reports – Registration of Employers – Statistical Data

Figure 5: Contribution Reports – Social Security Contribution Payments register

Figure 6: Contribution Reports – Employers Reconciliation Statement – Detail

Figure 7: Statistical Reports – Registration Statistical Report

Figure 8: Statistical Reports – Active Insured by Sector – Statistical Report

Figure 9: Legal, Arrears and Compliance Reports – Consolidated Insured Person Earnings Statement

Figure 10: Legal, Arrears and Compliance Reports – Employers Arrears Listing Report

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