2Interact Inc. continues to improve and expand its Global Enterprise Human Resources Management, Payroll, Benefits, Time and Talent Management solutions to Organizations around the world.

2Interact applications known as Interact HRMS, comprise more than 80 integrated applications that cover all aspects of Human Capital Management, Time Reporting, Leave Management, Payroll, Benefits Planning and Management, Garnishment Processing and Tracking, and Talent Management. Interact HRMS, provides a suite of seamlessly integrated applications that encompass the full scope of HR and Payroll domain knowledge including organization management, job classification, position budgeting and control, recruitment and hiring, on-boarding, leave management, time & attendance, benefits planning, compensation and payroll, FMLA and COBRA, Garnishment Management, Employee Electronic Record, competencies management, training management, performance management, succession planning, career planning, off-boarding, W4-Form, W5-Form, Budget Planning and Control, Payroll Budging, and much more. Interact Payroll application which is an integral part of Interact HRMS, is a comprehensive flexible global payroll solution with a single Payroll engine that includes Normal Payroll Cycle, Off-Cycle Payroll, Retroactive Payroll, and End of Service Payroll all in one engine.

Interact HRMS can be deployed On-Premise, using a Hosted platform, or in the Cloud. Interact HRMS is currently used by our clients throughout the world in various industries including Banking and Finance, Construction, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Education, Logistics, Packaging, Shipping, Consulting Services, Government, and others.

All Interact HRMS applications are Policy-Driven, which means that nothing is hard-coded, client requirements are implemented using Policies, which can be defined to meet the client business requirements. Policy based payroll engine with multicurrency, and supports unlimited user defined earnings, allowances, benefits, bonuses, commissions, deductions, expense, and tax policies. Flexible user defined pay period types, pay types, supports salaried, hourly, and piecework based pay with labor distribution and labor costing. Flexible easy to use Normal Payroll Cycle with built-in audit control and payroll run role based workflow management with extensive set of reports (more than 300 Payroll Reports) and automatic bank transfer, paycheck printing, and automatic payslip generation and distribution using email or SMS. Interact Payroll can be setup to automatically generate the Payroll JVs which are passed to the target financial system in the required format and support multiple financial systems. Additionally, it supports Third Party Payments, where 3rd Party Payees such as Benefit Providers, Garnishment Payees, and Health Providers as well as Tax Agencies can be setup in Interact Payroll, and once the payroll is processed, the 3rd Payments are automatically generated and Payment Transactions are passed to the external AP system for processing. Flexible Timesheets Management System that supports multiple timesheet formats and fully integrated with the payroll system. Time Cards/Timesheets can be captured using multiple methods including spreadsheet files, direct interface to external Time and Attendance systems, or through Interact Time & Attendance System using Interact Biometric Time Clocks to capture attendance transactions which are automatically passed to Interact Time Management for processing. Interact Payroll is seamlessly integrated with all other Interact HRMS applications that impact the employee payroll and benefits, any HR Action that is processed through Interact HRMS and which impacts employee payroll is automatically posted to the payroll for processing, thus eliminating redundant data entry and eliminating mistakes that can result in financial losses.


Interact HRMS is a policy based system, in recognition of the fact that HR and Payroll policies and requirements vary from company to company, from industry to industry and from country to country, based on the Labor Laws of the Country and State and the employer’s requirements. As a result, all Interact HRMS applications are setup using user defined policies to support the company’s requirements and local labor laws. Organization Management policies, Job Classification policies, Recruitment policies, Hiring policies, Leave policies, Time and Attendance policies, Compensation and Payroll policies, and other policies are all user defined and can be setup to meet the employer’s needs and local labor laws, thus giving the user the flexibility to meet the ever changing rules and regulations. Furthermore, there is no limit to the number of policies that can be defined in any Interact HRMS application. All policies are rule based and parameter driven. Unlike other systems, No Policy and/or Rule is hardcoded in Interact HRMS applications, this gives the user/employer the flexibility of the policies’ setup to meet internal requirements as well as external regulatory agencies and labor and tax laws.

Our HRMS for Healthcare Solutions, provides complete solutions for Healthcare organizations with a particular focus on managing Residency Programs through the use of powerful integrated functionality in Competencies Management, Learning Management, Resource Scheduling, Health & Safety Management, Time & Leave management and much more. Interact is a fully Web based application developed as a Rich Internet Application (RIA) which supports multiple operating systems to give our clients the freedom of choice. We believe in open source and open standards to ensure that our clients achieve maximum return on their investment.

We believe that today’s global markets require global flexible solutions and therefore we invest heavily in ensuring that our products can be deployed and used globally. Unlike other systems where the Web/Internet was an afterthought, Interact HRMS and all other Interact applications were built from the ground up using pure web technologies. Interact HRMS is a pure Web based application, thus the only thing needed to access the system is a PC with a Web Browser, no client software and no add-ons. This translates to Ease of Use, Ease of Deployment, and Ease of Support. Interact is a fully Web based application developed as a Rich Internet Application (RIA) which supports multiple operating systems to give our clients the freedom of choice. Additionally, all Interact HRMS provides all its application as Mobile Applications, so you do not have to be in the office to run any app. You can run and manage all your apps from your mobile device.

We believe in Open Source and Open Standards to ensure that our clients achieve the maximum return on their investment. Our HRMS solutions are constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of our customers in a global competitive environment.

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