eServices are available for all stakeholders, including Employers, Employees, Healthcare Providers and Financial Institutions.

eService for Employees and Insured Persons includes the following:

  • View Contribution History
  • View Benefit Statement
  • Update Payee Bank Information
  • Submit Benefit Claims
  • View Status of Benefit Claim Requests
  • Send Messages to National Insurance / Social Security
  • Apply for Social Security Number
  • Request Contribution Refund
  • Submit Address Changes and Changes to any other Demographic Data

eService for Employers includes the following:

  • View and Change Profile – User Can only change eMail Address
  • Change Password
  • Change Employer Status
  • Employer Identification Number Application
  • File Quarterly/Monthly Social Security Tax / Contribution Returns
  • Make Quarterly/Monthly Social Security Tax / Contribution Payments
  • Receive Messages from Social Security Administration and Send Messages
  • Receive Late Payment Penalties from Social Security Administration
  • Receive Late Social Tax Filing Penalties from Social Security Administration
  • View All Liabilities
  • View Account Including Payments (Made). Pending Payments, Liabilities and Penalties
  • Complete Employer Portion of Employee Claims

eServices for Healthcare Providers includes

  • Submit Medical Information for Claimants
  • Issue Medical Certificates
  • Confirm Medical Expenses or Outstanding Amounts for Patients Claiming Grants


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