The Interact Social Security Administration System (“Interact SSAS”) Compliance Module is an enterprise level Compliance module which is fully configurable and designed to seamlessly integrate with all other Interact SSAS modules, including Registration, Social Security ID Management, Contributions Filing & Payment, Benefits Claims and Payment.

In order for a country’s social security protection to protect as many people as possible, it is critical that everyone contributes as per the law and any fraud is pro-actively investigated and eliminated.

Within Interact SSAS, the Social Security Compliance module is used to ensure that all external stakeholders are complying with the Social Security laws and regulations and this includes making sure that:

Employers are

  • correctly reporting their total number of employees
  • filing their employees’ wages correctly on time
  • filing social security contributions correctly on time
  • paying for the filed social security contributions on time
  • providing all supporting documents regarding employees’ wages and contributions

Audit officers get the necessary tools to make sure that:

  • employers are audited (inspected) from time to time to ensure that they are complying with the above rules and regulations
  • the outcome of each audit is recorded and reported with the recommended action(s)
  • employers are notified of their non-compliance and follow up is conducted to ensure that the employers have implemented the required actions as recommended by the social security administration
  • audit outcome actions may include notices to correct the employer’s record keeping, correct the filing of contributions, make the delayed contribution payments, penalties and fines for delinquent filings or payments, etc.

Legal officers can get involved if employers refuse to comply, in which case

  • lawsuits are filed against employers to enforce the actions resulting from the audit
  • courts may issue court orders to employers to pay the contributions that are in arrears


The actors in the Social Security Compliance process/function include internal actors which consist of Auditors (Compliance Inspectors or Audit Officers) and Legal Officers. External actors including, Employers, Healthcare Providers, and the Courts. Each of these actors have a specific role in the Compliance process:

Auditors (Audit Officers) – Auditors are responsible for scheduling and conducting the compliance audits of the employers in accordance to specific rules and regulations and reporting to the findings of each audit and recommending what audit actions to be taken.

Legal Officers – Are responsible for receiving the recommended audit actions and making the final decision on what action needs to be taken to correct the non-compliance of the employers.

Employers – Are responsible for making all employees, wages, and contributions filings and payments records available to the Audit Officers (Auditors) and responding to any request of information from the auditors and implementing the recommended actions made by the auditors.  In case of an order by the Court, they must comply with the court orders including making payment for any unpaid contributions and fines.

Courts – The courts are responsible for reviewing the social security audit actions and ordering the employers to comply with specific orders of the court which are resulting for the social security compliance audit actions and findings.


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