Guiding Principles of Interact HRMS

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Interact HRMS – Guiding Principles


Simplicity.  Interact HRMS solutions are designed to be simple in everything they do.  Whether your needs are sophisticated or very basic, there is always a beautiful and simple way to deliver on them, and that is what we strive for.

Ease-of-Use.  Simplicity leads to Ease-of-Use.  The biggest challenge in the industry is that enterprise applications become so complex that users require constant training just to be able to perform regular tasks.  Our mission at 2Interact is to make sure that users of any level can quickly learn their specific tasks and perform them on their own.  Due to the powerful self-service capabilities, all transactions can be performed by those users who are closest to the particular data (i.e. employees can fill in their benefit enrollment forms, leave requests, training requests, address change, etc.) instead of having this done by HR users.

No dual entry.  Interact HRMS is designed as a modular but fully integrated solution, there is only one database and one set of employees for which all functions are performed in the same system.  This means that there is no possible scenario in which data may be entered into the system and would need to be re-keyed in afterwards by another user for another module.  Anything that is entered into Interact HRMS will automatically be available in all modules and for all users who are properly authorized to access this.

Web Based application.  Interact HRMS is a true web-based application, it is a Rich Internet Application (RIA) of the new generation unlike most existing HR and Payroll solutions which were developed in the 80s and 90s and carry with them a lot of legacy code underneath the (sometimes) pretty web-interface.  In the case of Interact HRMS, there’s only one single way to access the application: the browser.  It doesn’t matter whether you deploy On-Premise (in house) or in the Cloud (hosted), you will be using the same product.  Your payroll, your timesheets, your HR and everything else is available 100% through a browser with absolutely no need for any type of remote connectivity software.

Powerful interfaces.  While Interact HRMS offers exceptional integration with its 70+ modules, there will always be external vendors and solutions which clients may want to integrate with like Background Check vendors, Benefit Carriers, government agencies etc.  These interfaces are supported in Interact HRMS using powerful built-in interface capabilities for Web Services, including HR-XML based Web Services, as well as integration with APIs,  import/export using CSV or Excel or specific formats as per the Third Party vendor’s requirements.

No Third Party.  Most HRMS vendors will offer you a plethora of products many of which are not even owned by the vendor.  While it all sounds interesting and may look pretty, you soon find out that no-one is really in charge once there is a problem.  The product vendor doesn’t own the source code and can’t fix it and in some cases you may even find out the third-party vendor is no longer happy with the relationship and one day decides to drop the agreement and clients are left in the cold.  This risk does not exist when you purchase Interact HRMS since all the software we provide is owned by us and developed by us.

The Power of Open Source.  Interact HRMS is developed leveraging the best in the world of Open Source: PhP, MySQL and Apache, these were chosen because of their built-in simplicity.  They are simple to install, simple to maintain and simple to work with.  Just like Interact HRMS they are fairly recent technology tools which carry the benefit of having applied lessons learned from the past already.  Our choice of solutions like MySQL has been validated by the fact that the world’s biggest web applications today (YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Wikipedia, Twitter, etc.) all rely on MySQL to power their highly scalable and secure environment.  On the other hand the same MySQL database can be installed on a small laptop and process your payroll!  Open Source solutions like these also have the advantage that they do not tie you to any particular operating system or hardware.  Note that this does mean our solutions are also open source, they are not.   Interact HRMS is provided under a standard commercial license and the source code is not published.

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