1. Interact HRMS – Implementation Methodology

      Interact Implementation Methodology is guided by the “Less is More” philosophy and the ease of use guiding principle. The methodology consists of five components/stages as shown in figure-1. Figure-1 – Interact Implementation Methodology Framework Planning The planning component is used to plan the project and consists: – Project Kickoff Meeting – Project Stakeholders and Responsibilities – Preliminary Project Plan – Prerequisites – Change Control – Risks and Mitigation The planning stage of the implementation is very critical, as it defines the project team, stakeholders, expectations, risks, responsibilities of the parties, and the plan of the implementation including the activities, timetable, and resources. Note that in the absence of a plan you’ll never be able to complete the project as the plan is a guide that will show all parties what are the activities that need to be conducted and when, as well as who is responsible for each activity....

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